Stewarts Shops

Bill exemplifies what we look for in our Regional District Managers: down-to-earth, hardworking, candid and dedicated. Looking back on his 30 + year career, Bill’s journey began as a Shop Manager in 1982. Sixteen years later he moved out of his role as a Shop Manager to a District Manager, responsible for multiple shops over a wide area. In 2010 he became a Senior District Manager overseeing several District Managers. Within a year, he landed his current role, one of four Regional District Managers.

“It’s been an amazing journey watching and contributing to Stewart’s growth from approximately 100 shops to 332 and counting. The most satisfying aspect of my job is helping partners grow and take on more responsibility. Whether from college student to Manager, or Manager to District Manager, I’m proud that I’ve played a small part in their development and they in turn have contributed to the company’s success. The Amount of loyalty I see from customers is also impressive. I see customers everyday that were customers are children and remain loyal customers into adulthood. The best part of my job is dealing directly with shop partners and customers and helping them improve our shops to provide a better working and shopping atmosphere. If you’re looking for a desk job this isn’t it and I’m glad!”