Stewarts Shops

Brother Orange Visits Stewart’s Shops


The international journey of Brother Orange has lead him to a stop at Stewart’s Shops! This story began when a BuzzFeed editor named Matt Stopera had his cell phone stolen, and then later began seeing photos of a random man in his photo stream in front of an orange tree. He nicknamed him ‘Brother Orange’ – and set out to find him. The story went viral, and turns out, Brother Orange lives in China.

This past weekend, Brother Orange came to the U.S. to visit Matt, and the two paid a visit to Stewart’s Shops in Schenectady where they enjoyed some ice cream cones and even bought some travel mugs to take with them! On his Twitter account, Matt called it “one of the most important stops.”

Note that this journey also included visits to In-N-Out Burger, Vegas, meeting Britney Spears, and appearance on the Ellen Show. Our ice cream topped it all off!

We’re proud to be considered a must see – and hope it was a memorable visit!

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