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Get Un-Thirsty When Days Heat Up


BLOG: As summer days heat up, it’s hardly a time to slow down - especially for people who work outdoors. And that can put you at risk for heat-related illnesses and dehydration.

Dehydration occurs when the body loses excessive amounts of fluid, such as through sweat, fever or illness. Symptoms can range from mild thirst and cramping to those more severe, including increased heart rate and shock.

To prevent heat-related illnesses, it is suggested that adults consume at least 64oz of fluid each day. However on a long, hot day in the sun, fluid needs can exceed 100oz, or 13 cups of water!

Replacing fluid losses on a hot day can be difficult, but Stewart’s Shops provides ample options to keep you hydrated. Aside from plain water; milk, tea and other beverages should be included as part of a healthy hydration regimen. In fact sports drinks and Stewart’s Refresher beverages may be the best way to replace the fluid lost on a hot day. This is because Stewart’s Refreshers contain electrolytes, such as sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium that are also lost in sweat.

And while the coolers at every local Stewart’s are packed with many hydrating options, here are a few of my favorites:
-Stewart’s Orange Juice Refresher: Full of potassium, calcium and magnesium that are found in oranges. Try getting ready for a hot day by serving yourself with an 8oz glass at breakfast!
-Stewart’s Green Tea and Diet Tea Refreshers: Teas are a natural source of many vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that can help to prevent heat-related illnesses. Try alternating water with one of these Refresher beverages to keep you hydrated all day long!
-Stewart’s Low Fat Milk: Fresh milk is the best source of calcium on the market! And after spending a time in the warm sun, your body needs to replace the calcium and magnesium that can be found in each cup. Try ending your night with a cold glass of Stewart’s milk before bed!

So for those who plan to spend the final days of summer in the warm sun, make sure to head over to your local Stewart’s Shop for all the beverages you need to stay hydrated. And the best news of the summer: Stewart’s half gallon Refreshers are included on your Milk Club Card!

-Christine Sloat MS, RD, CDN

About Christine: Christine Sloat is a Registered Dietitian and life-long resident of upstate New York. She holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Dietetics from the University of Delaware, and a Master’s of Science in Applied Nutrition from The Sage Colleges in Troy. She has a nutrition consulting business, Nutritious Notions LLC.

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