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Getting The Most From Fresh Milk


BLOG: Happy National Dairy Month! Initially started in 1937, June is dedicated to recognizing one of the country’s most fundamental foods: milk. It is a time to focus on all the healthy nutrients that are packed inside milk, yogurt, cheese and other dairy foods. And for all those who drink Stewart’s milk, it is really time to celebrate!

The freshness of Stewart’s milk allows for it to bypass the ultra-pasteurization process; a procedure that allows milk to remain shelf-stable for up to six months. Instead, Stewart’s milk requires less processing and undergoes standard pasteurization for safety. While both standard and ultra- pasteurization are used to kill bacteria, ultra-pasteurization requires much higher temperatures. Unfortunately these extreme temperatures can break down many of the beneficial nutrients found in dairy products. Therefore, Stewart’s milk has more thiamin, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D and Vitamin E than ultra-pasteurized milk with a longer shelf life. Although prefix “ultra-” gives the connotation that it is in some way better, in fact the opposite is true when it comes to value and nutrition. By supplying fresh and local milk, Stewart’s is able to reduce shipping time so that milk requires less processing. Additionally, Stewart’s milk comes from farms that pledge never to use rBST; a hormone that can be administered to cows in order to increase milk production.

If you never considered the benefits of fresh and locally sourced milk, National Dairy Month is a great time to rethink your buying preferences. And with less processing and fewer additives, the fresh milk at Stewart’s Shops is not just closer to you; it is also healthier for you!

-Christine Sloat MS, RD, CDN

About Christine: Christine Sloat is a Registered Dietitian and life-long resident of upstate New York. She holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Dietetics from the University of Delaware, and a Master’s of Science in Applied Nutrition from The Sage Colleges in Troy. She has a nutrition consulting business, Nutritious Notions LLC.

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