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Healthy Tricks for Halloween Treats


As we get closer to Halloween, it is important to keep in mind that healthy holidays are not about depriving yourself; but having your indulgences in moderation. This is often easier said then done, especially among aisles of your favorite candy! Fortunately, while shopping at my local Stewart’s store I was able to develop a few healthy tricks for Halloween treats:

Trick: Chocolate Milk

While chocolate milk does contain added sugars; it provides vital nutrients, such as protein, calcium and vitamin D, which are absent in your typical chocolate bar. And Stewart’s chocolate milk is made with low fat milk, making it an even healthier trick for your chocolate cravings!

Trick: Apples

Apples may not be enough to kick your appetite for candy, but try eating one before you load up on sugary treats. If the healthy fiber found in these local favorites doesn’t fill you up, the natural sweetness of the apple may help reduce sugar cravings. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself eating fewer treats (or at least sticking to the “bite-size” version!)

Finally, when you do eat your Halloween candy, try to avoid mindless consumption and stick only to your favorite pieces…you can find those at Stewart’s as well!
And if you test out some of these tricks first, you may even find you are treating yourself to an even healthier Halloween!

-Christine Sloat, RD, RDN

About Christine:

Christine Sloat is a Registered Dietitian and life-long resident of upstate New York.
She holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Dietetics from the University of Delaware, with clinical training at Albany Medical Center. She has a nutrition consulting business, Nutritious Notions LLC.

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