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Holiday Match Checks in the Mail!


Following another record-breaking Holiday Match season, checks were mailed out on Monday, March 21st to support 1,573 children’s charities across the communities where our shops are located. From Thanksgiving Day through Christmas Day, our customers donated $870,000 to the program, which was a $100,000 increase over the 2014 season. Those donations were doubled to more than $1.74 million with the Stewart’s match. There are no administrative costs with this program, meaning 100% of the funds collected and matched benefit these organizations. The Stewart’s Holiday Match program has now allocated more than $22 million since the program’s inception in 1986. The success of program is credited to Stewart’s customers for their generous contributions, dedicated shop partners who worked diligently to collect the funds, and to the media partners who helped spread the word. A brochure listing charities that received the Holiday Match grants is located here and will be available in shops soon. Stewart’s Shops and related family foundations support local charities, donating $7.5 million annually.

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