Stewarts Shops

Lake Walton TGIF Celebration


Our newly remodeled shop in Lake Walton, NY hosted a TGIFinished celebration Friday, October 17th. There have been several updates including an addition to the shop, a new walk-in beer cave, two restrooms, LED lighting upgrade, new counter layout, and more.

  • After Left (Custom)
  • DSC06236 cover
  • DSC04313 (Custom)
  • IMG_9664
  • IMG_6069
  • IMG_6269
  • IMG_6068
  • DSC06540 (Custom)
  • DSC07007 (Custom)
  • DSC07006 (Custom)
  • DSC06541 (Custom)
  • DSC07009 (Custom)
  • DSC06542 (Custom)
  • DSC06250 (Custom)
  • DSC06234 (Custom)
  • DSC06219 (Custom)
  • DSC06033 (Custom)
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