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Perth Celebrates Grand Opening


The Grand Opening of our new shop in Perth was celebrated Friday, June 27. Check out our video and photos. A ribbon cutting ceremony was held with local officials, Stewart's representatives, and members of the Perth Volunteer Fire Company, and the Fulton-Montgomery County Chamber in attendance.  Customers were treated to many specials, including 10¢ off each gallon of fuel, $1 hot dogs and refreshers, 50¢ ice cream cones, and much more!  In honor of our new shop opening, a $2,000 donation was made to the Perth Volunteer Fire Company.  A number of customers also participated in an ice cream eating contest.  The winner was Padrick Smith from Broadalbin who finished his pint in one minute and seven seconds!  The new shop, which is located on the corner of Routes 30 and 107, across the street from our former location, features six gas pumps with Pay-at-the-Pump service, diesel fuel, a walk-in beer cave, fresh-made pizza, expanded seating, and more parking.

Perth Grand Opening Celebration from Stewart's Shops Corp on Vimeo.

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