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Lots of Sun Means Energy Savings From Solar Panels


We’re always tracking how much energy we’re generating from our solar panels at our plant in Greenfield, and we can say this year was a solar success! Since January, they have generated 587,400 kWh – and that has saved us about $40,000 in energy costs this year! That right on par with our projections. The graphic below also shows some other fun facts and environmental benefits from these panels. You can see that our sunny months of May, July and August were the best for output! And now as the cooler, darker months arrive, less energy is generated. (Note: the graph shows through December 2)

In 2013, about 2,400 solar panels were installed atop the roof of the manufacturing and distribution center. The daily output of the solar project can be seen here (requires Adobe Flash).

  • solar-graphic-12-3-2015
  • Web pic solar power
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