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BLOG: Watching the Olympics, I am always amazed at the strength and conditioning of the athletes. The aerobic capacity required for speed skating and the muscular strength needed to land aerial jumps are feats we become fascinated with every four years. But, what you don’t see is all the practice, training and nutrition behind each Olympic performance.

You do not need to be a gold medalist to benefit from healthy eating! Nutrition can play an important role in providing the stamina you need to power through your morning workout or even to shovel snow that has landed on your driveway this winter. One of the most critical nutrients for a strong body is protein. Aside from water, protein is the most abundant component of muscle tissue. As you work your body, whether through planned exercise or daily tasks, muscles actually break down. Protein is then required to rebuild and repair muscles, so that they are stronger and more capable.

The question then follows: “How much do I need?” Most adults require between 45-55g of protein each day. Eating protein beyond this amount is not beneficial and can provide unnecessary calories. That being said, it is certainly possible to consume the appropriate amount of protein without paying for expensive protein powders and supplements. In fact, the most reasonable sources of protein come from traditional foods such as eggs, milk and yogurt. One egg provides 6g of protein, while every one-cup serving of milk provides 8g of protein. Better yet, Stewart’s milk is fortified with non-fat milk solids that provide additional protein in each glass.

Stewart’s also has many other protein-rich products that can be consumed for a stronger, healthier body. The coolers in every shop are filled with fresh eggs, yogurt, low-fat cheese and cottage cheese. All of these options serve as healthy and wholesome protein sources. Outside the cooler, check out the aisles of nutrition bars, nuts and fortified cereals, or grab a freshly prepared English muffin with peanut butter. And don’t forget to try the daily special; Stewart’s chicken noodle soup and chili can serve as great, on-the-go protein options!

Personally, my favorite protein snack is a Stewart’s sweet & salty trail mix car cup. The nuts provide the protein my muscles need, while the chocolate satisfies my sweet tooth! And the best part of stopping at Stewart’s after my morning workout is that I can be in, out, and closer to the shower faster than any Olympian! So whether you are a trained athlete, or simply trying to keep your body strong, stop into Stewart’s for the gold standard in protein nutrition.

-Christine Sloat, RD, RDN

About Christine: Christine Sloat is a Registered Dietitian and life-long resident of upstate New York. She holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Dietetics from the University of Delaware, with clinical training at Albany Medical Center. She has a nutrition consulting business, Nutritious Notions LLC.

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