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Shareholders of the Month


Congratulations to Jeremy Lawless (Left) for being named the Shareholder of the Month at the Stewart’s corporate office.  Jeremy works in our Facility Department and has been with the company for two years.  He is being recognized for having good communication skills, being very organized and detail oriented, and for showing ownership of his projects from start to finish.  He also takes the initiative to diffuse small issues before they can become a problem.  This is the second time Jeremy has been named a Moover.

Congratulations to Robby Robinson (Right) for being named the Shareholder of the Month at the Stewart's plant.  Robby works is our Gas Maintenance Department and has been with Stewart's since November of 2013.  He is a certified licensed master electrician.  Robby is being recognized for taking on a greater workload while a coworker has been out.  He's also very solution oriented, is a team player, and digs deep to find the root cause of a problem.

For being named the Shareholders of the Month, both Jeremy and Robby received $100 and will attend the Moovers Luncheon with President Gary Dake and the rest of the Moovers Club next month.

  • Jeremy Lawless 7-13-2015
  • SOM Robby Robinson (Custom)
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